New Inclusion color-Parme & Turquoise, which to get?

  1. Some how these two new inclusion color slipped under my radar lol, but I'm debating between the Turquoise & Parme (pix can be view on elux's barrett gm, sorry i don't know how the 'print screen' key work :sweatdrop:) Bracelet. Think they will be my favorite S/S accessories!

    Anyone seen it IRL? Is Elux's pic true to color? My boutqiue sucks on new inventory....
  2. The colors should be pretty true to life. I think the new turquoise looks a little more vivid and will be great for spring/summer. And they didn't slip under your radar, they've just launched so you're right up on it. My boutique doesn't even know when they're coming in.
  3. Both are incredibly beautiful colors....wonder if it's really turquoise or mint green ??
  4. I haven't seen them IRL either. Anyone else? I love the pastel colors on them!
  5. I love love loveeee the colors!!!! They're not too bright or too dull. I think you should go for the Parme!



  6. thanks john! You should also be our PIX Mod, hehe.
    I'm asian w/pure black hair, i'm leaning on the turquoise, but parme looks elegant, sigh....
  7. I love the turquoise..although they are both pretty, the turquoise is my favorite of the two!
  8. I like turquoise - it will be so pretty with your colouring.
  9. hope elux stock the GM bracelet before price increase :drool:
  10. Hehe I put this together for another thread awhile back...I think the turquoise (which I really think is Peppermint) would look the best. The Parme (which I think is Violette because the band part of the hair cubes is a violet color) is pretty but looks a lot like the old Rose color.
    turquoise.JPG violette.JPG
  11. when are the new colors releasing?
  12. ^ITA! I thought elux restock all the rose, then i find out it's parme lol

    aznbaybee4u-i think they are out now, b/c elux is already selling them?
  13. Wow, the turquoise/Peppermint is so pretty!
  14. omg they are both so beautiful.
  15. yeah I saw these on lv uk but they dont seem to be in stock - i a leaning toward the green myself