New Inclusion Color: Amarante

  1. I was just too curious about what this color is. So I went to babel fish and found out that amarante translates from French to English to amaranth which means: imaginary, undying flower. 2.any plant of the genus Amaranthus, some species of which are cultivated as food and some for their showy flower clusters or foliage. Compare amaranth family. 3.Chemistry. a purplish-red, water-soluble powder, C20H11N2O10Na3, an azo dye used chiefly to color pharmaceuticals, food, and garments. 4.purpleheart.

    My guess is that the color will be purple red! OMG, and the #1 definition makes me want it all the more! I love how they market to me!
  2. Interesting....I think that a purple would be really pretty!
  3. purple would be very nice :love:
  4. oh no..that sounds pretty..thanks
  5. i wish they had tropical blue inclusion.
    that would be awesome.
  6. this would be great:nuts:
  7. Guess we'll have to see IRL.
  8. I have seen pics and it looks like a very deep purple almost black. This color won't be out until June and will only come in the PM size.
  9. ^ooh that would be nice
  10. I was told that color is a dark color, blackish/brownish...

    heard that from an LV employee themselves...
  11. Thank you for doing that research; it sounds lovely.
  12. google says amarante looks like this: lol

  13. I can only hope it's a purple-ish color! TD4!
  14. Yup, I posted this in Label Addict's thread last week or so and said the same thing but many have already said it would be a black-brown colour. IMO if it is the colour of amaranth, that is very similar to the existing berry colour.