New Inclusion Bracelet!!!

  1. I received my inclusion bracelet today and I am in love! :love: It is the beige inclusion PM. I was originally worried that the bracelet might be too loose on my small wrist but it is perfect! I tried to take photos that will show my fellow PF'ers how the bracelet might "move" on the arm.


    inclusion bracelet.JPG inclusion 2.JPG inclusion 3.JPG
  2. Cuuute!!!!!
  3. matches with your other gold bangles!!!

    I LOVE the PM. I have the black one and it's lighter than the GM so it won't fly off my wrists.
  4. GORGEOUS!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!
  5. Very cute! Congrats :flowers:
  6. Great bracelet!! It looks awesome on you!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Very pretty! Congrats!
  8. So pretty! It looks great on you.
  9. Aww....that's pretty....:girlsigh:
  10. Stunning!
  11. Looks great!
  12. Thank you everyone! Now I want a black PM!!! hehe. I am very curious to see how the GM looks IRL too.
  13. Congratulations. I have both the black and beige PM. I also have the pink GM and yellow PM. I love these bracelets.:love:
  14. YEAH!! Small wrists can wear them, hope my pics helped;) I picked up a pink GM last week to add to the collection!
    Happy Wearing!
  15. hardLVcore, thank you, the photos did help tons! I would be very curious to see how the GM looks on smaller wrists. Does it have the same circumference as the PM? Can you post a photo of yourself wearing it? ;)