New Inclusion Bracelet, Ring, Earrings

  1. Is anyone excited for the new transparent and berry inclusion bracelet, ring, and earrings?? I think I'm going to get the set maybe....but for my birthday which was like 3 weeks ago the BF bought me the gm black inclusion and it's beautiful he was told that he got the last one in the US. had it shipped from valley fair, sunnyvale, ca. he also got the matching ring but it was too small for my finger =( so I had to return it.:crybaby:

  2. Definitely..I want both colors in the bracelet, keychain and ring. I'd get the cell charm but I already have the black one and I don't switch charms all that often. I don't really just want it to sit around so that's out, unfortunately.
    I hope my store gets them soon...sigh..I'm tired of waiting.
  3. i want the ring, keychain and GM bracelet in both colors too:tender:. i'm thinking of having a whole Inclusion Collection :graucho:
  4. I'm thinking about the bracelet, but that'll have to wait until Christmas !
  5. You don't know how badly I want them! I stopped by the Valley Fair boutique today to check if they had come out (in case my SA was slacking and didn't call me) but I didn't see any. Hopefully I will get a call next Friday.

    It would be awesome to have an entire Inclusion collection...but I could never justify buying the hair barrettes since I don't use them. I was only planning on buying the bracelets, rings, and keychains in both colors, but now that I have a fuchsia SLVR...I want the berry cell charm too :love:
  6. Why is it available in the UK and not yet in the US!:cursing:
  7. it will match so well with you SLVR!
  8. I want the transparent inclusion bracelet! I'd definitely get that one.
    If I save enough money, I'll also buy the cellphone charm as well as the berry inclusion bracelet.
  9. I heard that we are getting in on Wednesday at the South Coast Plaza. I hope I get a phone call from them.
  10. Lol I know..I have the regular Strass haircubes and I NEVER use them. I think I've worn each color about once apiece. I like them but they're one of the few things I rarely ever use. So if I don't use THOSE, I know I won't use the barrettes either. They're cute but they'd make me look like I'm in elementary school.
  11. I want it but can't justify myself spending that much $ on it cause i know I won't use it. Heck, I don't use much of the jewelry I already have anyway!
  12. The hair clips ARE pretty expensive.. but I guess I'm the minority here because the hair clip is actually the only inclusion piece I have right now and I love it!

    I actually find it more practical than the speedy keychain (altho I think it's absolutely adorable!). The keychain I would've probably just used it as a bag charm and not to actually hold keys so it'd be more decorative than practical... whereas I use the hair clip a few times a week so it's been super useful for me! I use the clip instead of a hair tie for a regular low ponytail and it definitely doesn't look like I'm in grade school. It's the black one so it doesn't look kiddy.

    Before the hair clip I actually thought it'd be more worth it to get a small leather accessory or save the money to put towards a bag.. but after it.. it's just so pretty and now I've found.. practical too! so I can't wait to get something to go with it... the inclusion bracelets look great!
  13. Is it true that the inclusion bracelets will only be available in the pm size? I thought they would be available in both pm and gm sizes for the new colors but I was told by a rep at 866-vuitton that they will only be available in the pm size. Was anyone else informed the same? I prefer the gm over the pm.
  14. I want the hairclips in both colors!
  15. I only saw the PM bracelet on the preview sheet. Some SAs have also said there won't be a GM...but I've heard from one person that according to their SA, a GM will come out. Confusing. :shrugs: