New in: YSL Loulou Camera Bag

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  1. Yay I’ve been eying this camera bag for so long (at least half a year) and I finally bit the bullet! Also, this is my first luxury bag in white! Definitely have to be careful while using it

    This bag is really very roomy, the leather is soft so it does make room if you’d like to squeeze more items in. However I wouldn’t recommend stuffing the bag too much as it will show on the leather since the leather is thin and soft. The straps are adjustable and I’ve put mine on the shortest length and it’s perfect for me. The tassel is huge and very long, it ended up ‘whacking’ my hips when I walk thank goodness it’s removable!

    Enjoy the below pics! Btw the colour is icy white, kinda like cream!



  2. It looks great with your style and the white works so well with the colour of your dress. Congratulations :smile:
  3. Thank you! I’ve heard mixed reviews on this bag so hopefully this one will work out for me haha
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  4. Looooove white bags! Gorgeous!
  5. Haha I hope it’s easy to maintain! Have you have any white bags in ur collection?
  6. Beautiful! Congrats and enjoy!!
  7. It’s a bit of a scary colour but it just makes my heart swoon. I have a white sunset but I haven’t used it yet! I got it back in May but was waiting for summer (which it’s about to be) to use it. I hope it’s not too hard to maintain!