New in Portia Wedge Sandals - my first Choos

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    Hi together!

    I am new to Jimmy Choo and deeply impressed how comfortable these shoes are!

    I am attending a wedding in august and needed comfy shoes to wear all day. But my dress is very long and that is why I was looking for a dressy wedge sandal.

    So far i really like the Look of them, now I have to try them with my dress.

    Thanks for letting me share my babies
  2. I love that laser cut cork. I am hoping to try on the Portia 70s. Congratulations!
  3. Gorgeous :loveeyes: , you'll be a Choo convert :ghi5:
    Choos are ridiculously comfortable, enjoy.
  4. Congrats, great buy!

    And I second Wee, they are very comfortable overall.
  5. Ooohhh! Me likely! I have a few pairs of Choo wedges and they are super comfy :smile:
  6. That is just what I want!! Haha