New & Improved Fairies.....just got the call

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  1. Tanya, I'm glad you're pursuing the bag of your dreams! Can't wait to hear!!
  2. Can't wait to see the pics! That bag is so droolworthy, even if it is overhyped. Certainly wish I had the cash to dish out for it!
  3. Congrats on getting an improved fairy bag!! I'm so in love with them! Also, Congrats on being due soon!!!!

    I just have 2 questions.... Did they fix all of the fairy products (wallets, clutches...), do you know? And I know this is off topic but I'm new to prada can someone tell me if prada charges shipping? TIA! (I tired searching but didn't find the answer)

  4. Thanks!
    I am not sure if they fixed all of their products.....some people are very skeptical as to whether or not they made any changes....I guess people are getting conflicting info. I can only say that supposedly my new fairy is from the new batch of production which is supposed to be treated and sealed properly.
    I have not used the bag yet since I am due any day.....I keep picturing my water breaking on/near the bag....gross and silly... but true!!!!!:wtf:
    Good luck!
  5. Yes Prada charges shipping, I can only speak for stores in the US though. Ground is $20, 2nd day is $30 and they also offer overnight and Saturday delivery, but I am not sure the price. I hope that helps!
  6. Thanks tanya t and irishpandabear!