New & Improved Fairies.....just got the call

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  1. Hi guys! I am sooooo excited!!!!!
    I just got the call that the new & improved(weather proofed) fairies are in!!!!!
    Mine is on the way!!!!
    Did anyone else get a call? Can it be true? Or am I just naive and a glutton for punishment? second fairy should be here tomorrow....will keep u all posted!
  2. Tanya, please find out the truth. The conflicting stories on whether or not quality has improved needs to be resolved.

  3. Nancy, my sales rep at Prada Broadway, swears that it has been treated. I can only take her word. I had a lenghy conversation with her....if anything happens I am guarenteed a full refund including shipping both ways since they are shipping it to jersey for me yet again.....
    I LOVE this bag as u remember and had to give it a second try.....
    Any suggestions on who to contact to verify that the problem was fixed?
  4. oooh - when does it arrive?
  5. Thats great! :yes: Please let us know what you think of it and if you notice a change in the leather. How exciting!

    You are do any day now, right? Perfect timing!!!
  6. I am due in 11 days!!!!!:yahoo:

    Got the call yesterday about the fairy....should have it today. I will let u know if I notice a difference. Many people are skeptical about whether or not they actually fixed the problem....again, I can only hope that the SA was telling me the truth. I would just find it hard to believe that they would call ME of all people unless the issue was fixed especially after the time my husband and I spent with the store manager on the day of the return. I would also find it hard to believe Prada would continue to manufacture a defective bag!!!!
    Anyway, I am extremely excited and will let you all know the outcome!
    Thanks for all the great wishes!:flowers:
  7. long lost fairy came back to me!!!!! I am in love all over again!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
    I do notice some differences.....

    the interior of my first fairy was a beautiful cran-raspberry color....this one is more like a dusty rose. I liked the rapsberry color better, but whatever....

    the handles seem a little thicker on the new could be or it could be my crazy pregnancy hormones and brain playing tricks on me.....

    I am not going to comment on whether or not the leather looks or feels different. Again.....I am due in 11 days and my mind is mush....I would love to say yes, but cant and wont simply because my mind/eyes want to see a difference and that wouldn't be an unbiased observation.

    I am just happy to have my fairy back in my life. After all, Tanya in Latin means FAIRY QUEEN!!!!!:queen:
  8. Would :heart: to see pics!

    I wonder if Manhaset is going to be calling me soon? Makes me nervous ... I wouldn't know what to do. We are gearing up for MAJOR construction on our house. $2500 could be a new appliance. I guess that I will have to wait for the call to decide.:crybaby:

    Congrats, I am glad that you are happy with it! Enjoy!!
  9. Congrats, I am so glad that you got a new fairy bag! I hope that they have solved the problem as these bags are too beautiful to run! Will you share some pics with us please? Thanks in advance!
  10. I seriously doubt u want modeling pics of me right now!!!! I look like I have a beach ball under my shirt!!!!! If I am up to it tomorrow I will take pics.....I posted pics when I received my first Fairy a while back.....the giant belly takes away from the beauty of the bag. Can't wait to rock the bag without the bump!!!!!
  11. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I ended up returning my Fairy bag cuz it ran to Saks so I'm waiting patiently for my SA to try and get me another one. Although it does not look like my chances are good since they only got 1 in last time TOTAL. Neiman Marcus also got one in recently but that's their 1st one so I think it's from the original batch. They couldn't guarantee it's the improved one so I passed. I hope I made the right decision.

    I'm so excited for you!!! Please keep us posted and let us know if it's improved.
  12. I am seriously hoping this one is IMPROVED and TREATED as they claim! If not, like the first it'll be sadly returned. I can only hope Prada did correct their mistake and that my fairy will be with me for a very long time!!!

    I hope u get a call soon for your new & improved fairy!:yes:
  13. tanya

    Congratulations on your fairy bag and soon to arrive baby.

    I'm sure your baby bump is no less beautiful than the fairy bag!

  14. Good for you......kepp us posted about hte new improved fairies
  15. Thank you!!!! Hopefully we can be bag twins soon!

    Enjoy your fairy bag!!!!!!!! :love: