New Images on Balenciaga Website

  1. Yes, I just saw that! The Blue India Part Time bag looks awesome!
  2. very pretty!! :yes: :heart:
  3. oh, crap! :Push: I can't access the site - says I need to install an Adobe program...but since this is my work computer I can't do it.

    Will someone please post a few images from the site? Thanks so much in advance!!!:flowers:
  4. The blue india..............

    oh my goodness. So gorgeous!!

    And is the dark blue shown in the beginning the blueberry color, but in a different style?

    Because if it is..


    haha I hate balenciaga. Why do they do this?! WHY?!!
    *comforts poor bank account*
  5. You could try and access the site using a different browser if you have other browsers installed on your computer.
  6. Thank you! What color is on page 8, the blue/grey?
  7. Wow, that Blue India is gorgeous! ...Just when I thought about canceling my preorder, I had to see this thread!
  8. Thanks for the heads up, spiralsnowman!
    redney, here are a few pics I was able to save.
    cilla - yes the one on pg. 8 is blue grey (2nd pic here)
    Bal1.JPG Bal2.JPG Bal3.JPG
  9. what do you think of the whistle bags? interesting.

    cilla, yes the pic on pg 8 is the blue grey.
  10. Thanks!:smile:
  11. I got the e-mail about the new website earlier this afternoon and I wondered how the hell they got my e-mail address! *L*
  12. Is the part time smaller than the City?
  13. Oh I got this email! ;)
    Sooo cute!
  14. There's a few here whose style I don't recognize. :huh:
    Bal4.JPG Bal5.JPG Bal6.JPG Bal7.JPG Bal8.JPG