New Idea...

  1. Tell me what you think:

    You know how like Beanie Babies and other collectable things have like, uh, collector books, that show you what it looks like, prices, how to tell if it is a fake, etc?

    I think the Coach people should make a 'Coach Bag Handbook' and in it, have pictures of the bags, colors they come in, show the linings, all diff. angles etc. and it would be like a Coach Reference Book.

    They should do so and make them readily available, to avoid buying fakes and such!

    What do you think?:confused1:
  2. People do that and sell their little "handbooks" on eBay. I think it is a great idea because you can never be too sure that you are buying a real Coach bag unless you buy it directly through Coach, the outlets, or a Coach verified distributor. Good idea!
  3. Good idea for honest people like us but it may not be a good idea if that book lands in the hands of counterfeiters - we have enough problems with all the counterfeit Coaches as it is unfortunately. I've contacted Coach reps (at JAX) and they've adamantly refused to give me info to authenticate anything because they said they don't know if I'm a legit person or a counterfeiter and they don't want to give information out that would enable the counterfeiters to create authentic-looking counterfeit items - and I can't blame them for being cautious! I think the only way to ensure we're purchasing authentic Coach is to only buy from Coach stores.
  4. It seems like it would be a good idea, except Coach does not intend for their product to be sold through resellers so they have no incentive to verify product that isn't on their shelf. Additionally, since almost none of their styles are permanent (they don't have a permanent line like LV, for example), such a reference would end up being volumes big in just a few short years. So despite it being nearly impossible to accomplish, it would not even be in Coach's best interest to do so because they want to keep people shopping only at their boutiques or outlets.
  5. Coach endures integrity damage every time an inferior product that does not hold up as well as the original is passed off as authentic (then falls apart on the unsuspecting customer).

    It seems to me a good idea for them to hire an inhouse Quality Control person; someone to keep a constant watch on all of the online auction sites (even if doing so would entail creating a full-time position).
  6. Have you seen tPF's Coach Reference Library? It sounds a lot like what you are describing:

    Coach Reference Library
  7. It sounds like a good idea well as a collectors item. Just imagine all the tpfers going to the Coach store wanting there authentic Coach tell it if its fake book.