New Idea for use of the Cles

  1. Hi all, I had an Idea last night, so today I tried it out. The IPOD Nano fits into the cles perfectly and you can even listen to your Ipod when its in the cles by opening your cles a little. :smile:
  2. good idea!! now i just need to get a nano!! hehe...all my money goes towards the bags!
  3. I think Khoi did this with his Perforated Cles?
  4. I don't have an Ipod. = (
  5. Yes, it fits ..If I put my nano but I can't put coins too scare to scratch my nano
  6. Wow, that is such a great idea! I am getting a nano in like two weeks! Now I just need to buy the cles! I might buy one from the Groom collection!
  7. I love this idea..! :love: But I don't have an ipod... :shame: The nano is gorgeous though... :P
  8. Oh, I wouldn't... :sweatdrop: Will definitely have to get a cles exclusively for the nano if I were you... :P
  9. nice idea!
  10. Great idea! I need to add a cles and a nano to my Xmas list!! :smile:
  11. lol couture girl!
    i dont have a nano either and even if i did i dont have a cles to put it in :P haha! might pick one up next month or a WAPITY :biggrin: lol i love that word
  12. I've been using my coach cles for over a year for this. It holds it snugly and I even put a tiny hole in it to accomodate the ear piece. Started doing this when looking for a way to protect my ipod on the beach from the sand. It works great.
  13. I think the cles is actually better than the nano holder that LV made. It looks better and can be used for other things lol
  14. Tehehe....what a great idea, i have a Nano, does this mean I 'NEED' a cles...?
  15. I think the Nano holder that Louis Vuitton makes is just perfect . . . although I don't think I'll buy one in Monogram canvas. Now, it they released it in Damier . . . :biggrin:
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