New idea for color-matching

  1. I own a Lockit Suhali in Verone, and always I paired it with black shoes/belt or with the same particular grey color (we in Italy call it "turtledove"). But... yesterday I had a big idea:
    matching Verone and White...:queen:

    Soo chic and classy...

    What do you think about?

  2. anything in cool color range should work great w/verone IMO, perhaps something in blue too? :nuts:
  3. Verone is a neutral it goes with everything,
  4. thast a great idea
  5. Care to model for us ? :graucho:

  6. That looks fab!!!:drool: Even better than verone and black!
  7. Verone goes with everthing.
  8. Agree....wear your verone with everything!!! It will look great with the yellow/bright blue shoe trend that's coming up this spring/summer.
  9. I agree with theglamorous
    verone goes with everything...
    black brown even mother had worn yellow louis pumps with verone lockit and it looked so classy!
    white ofcourse it's the best!!! You can't go wrong with that color...maybe a beige would be inappropriate but I can't think of any other color!

    Oh and personally I love purple with verone! I saw it IRL and was tdf!
  10. Verone and White...can't beat it. I think it's a clean, classic look!