New idea! Can a purse charm be worn this way?

  1. I love purse charms... so colorful and "cute"! I have been using one on my Evelyne... attached on the ring that holds the shoulder strap. The problem is that the charm pretty much hangs on the side and it also often ends up inside my bag. So, it really isn't seen.

    Last night I had a "flash" of an idea to try it on the front of the bag. I'm not sure if this is OK to do.

    I also have the Eiffel Tower, which I love, but it doesn't work well on the the front...the shape just isn't right for it.

    So, what do you all think? Is this A-OK? Or not? :confused1:

  2. looks terrific front and center, but what do you do when you want to open the bag? pull it to the other side of the closure strap? that would work.
  3. Thanks! On the Evelyne, the snap to open it is on the other side of the bag, so the charm pretty much stays right where it is supposed to.
  4. what? there's a snap? i thought you had to work that leather tab through the slot to open it. lol
  5. How cute!!
  6. Excellent Idea, and it looks CUTE!:yes:
  7. Cute!
  8. Very Cute!
  9. Cute!!! I'll have to try it with my Tiger. Thanks for the idea! :yahoo:
  10. Great idea!
  11. That is so cute.
  12. Looks great to me, Kallie!!!! I love those dangly charms too!!!!
  13. Don't feel bad... I was confused, too, until I saw it IRL. This bag is unusual in that it has a lot going on in the back. Some people have said that what I call the back is actually the front but I don't think Hermès generally puts their H stamp on the back of items and their stamp is on the "H" side of the bag.

    Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here is a pic of the back of the bag and the snap closure:

  14. Looks great! Its fun to see a new idea with that bag and a charm.
  15. I think you absolutely can wear it like that!