New Hype Bag from In Style March 2007

  1. I'm going nuts over this bag, I've been searching everywhere for it!!! Does anyone know a place to get it, or has anyone seen it anywhere? I saw it in the new In Style March and I need it :heart:

  2. Oooh it's very cute!!!!!!! It wasn't in the credits?
  3. Went to the InStyle website...800-847-0072 for stores
  4. Great bag!!! Let us know if you were able to find it. Thanks!
  5. Wow, that is gorgeous!
  6. Oh, yes! That's a beauty.
  7. I know there is s number but i just want a website :/
  8. Try They carry Hype handbags. Also Bluefly sometimes has them.
  9.'s gorgeous!!! great spring bag!!!
  10. Super cute. If you have one, let me know if its heavy or not...