New Hot Pink Crackled Patent Kooba!

  1. Have any of you Kooba lovers seen this bag yet? I just walked in to Neiman Marcus Wednesday and they had just put it out and it is drop dead gorgeous! Will try to post a pic of it later today. It looks like a Lola that you would stretch into a north-south length with 2 vertical zippers and it is the most beautiful hot pink crackled patent leather. I fell madly in love with it and once I picked it up I never put it down. Do you know if it is part of the 08 collection???? And do you know the correct name of it? Thanks in advance.
  2. I haven't seen this one yet, but I'm very excited to hear more!! Hot pink crackled patent sounds divine. :heart: Post pics when you can!!
  3. I surely will!!
  4. Sounds cute, I wanna see!!!!
  5. I'd like to see this, though I'm not a pink bag person usually!
  6. I promise to post a picture as soon as I can get my son to show me how! Lol! It was so gorgeous that when I walked into NM from the outside door (that leads into the purse dept.) I saw it immediately because this other girl was looking at it. I was so afraid that she was going to buy it....I walked around not showing any interest in it....and when she put it down and walked away I grabbed it!! It is MINE! :yahoo:
    So I will post a pic soon. I do want you Kooba girls to see it because it is brand new, the SA said they had just put it out that day and I can't find it on any website.
  7. Oh my.... pink crackled patent Kooba. It sounds wonderful. Please do come back with pics.
  8. Wow, that sounds TDF! Congrats on your awesome find! :drool:
  9. I love crackled patent.
  10. Thanks all of you. I promise I will post a picture ASAP. Need my grown son to help me do that and I haven't forgotten. Have any of you heard of the styles and colors of the Spring/Summer 08 bags? I can't seem to find them posted anywhere......
  11. I'm patiently waiting for this picture. :popcorn: I love hot pink. :yes:
  12. I am making progress.....I took pics today with my digital camera and now I just need my (grown) son to help me put the pictures on here. Bear with me as it is gorgeous and so different for Kooba! :happydance:
  13. Okay! Finally! Here are a couple of pictures I made outside and they really don't show the crinkled patent texture of the bag. Maybe I can make a couple more and post them later.
    HotPinkFront.JPG HotPinkBack.JPG
  14. Just wanted to add that these are not good pictures, they don't show the texture of the crinkled patent and the bag is taller rather than wider. It really is beautiful!
  15. Looks like the Lola!