New **Hot** Amarante Vanessa Boot on Elux now!

  1. Just came across this boot.....for some reason it seems like an early release since Elux RARELY gets these items first......Not even listed yet in the "shoes" section, but if you type in "LV boot" it should come up....

    I'm not a boot wearer (live in the tropics), but I thought I'd post this find if anyone wants to take advantage of Elux's no tax (some exceptions) and FREE shipping !
    Happy Shopping !!!!!
  2. WOWZA!
    Wish I could wear a wedge!LOL!Id totally buy em if I could
  3. I love these! I got the shoe catalog on Saturday and it shows them in Amarante, Pomme, Perle and Noisette-gorgeous!
  4. soo pretty!
  5. I got the catalog today...good LORD almighty these are so f-ing hot...LOVE THEM! Travelbliss I live in the trpics too...BUT these would be great for the winter vactions!!
  6. I got the same catalog....those boots are gorgeous!
  7. I saw these in person a few weeks back and almost passed out-they are so gorgeous! AND they come in Pomme? Egad. Someone on the board has got to get these!!! Oh well-I must save for fall bag stuff but love the boots as eye candy!
  8. So hot! Love the color.
  9. Lol off topic but three Fleurs keyrings, Lulu? I have two. :roflmfao:
  10. Wow they are nice.
  11. WOAH - I don't usually go for LV shoes at all, but the lines of this one are just so pretty! And that colour.. :drool:

    They're too gorgeous to ever touch the ground! Mind you, wearing these you'd feel like you were walking on clouds anyway... :wlae:
  12. *faints*
  13. Ladies,

    I tried these on during the trunk show last week. If you have narrow legs and calves, they are very wide and extremely loose! Even my SA said I could not purchase. I would have had to wear long pants which of course ruin the beauty of seeing all that vernis. But they are HOT!:yes:
  14. These boots were made for walking....:jammin:
  15. Gorgeous!!!!!!