New Horn Necklaces

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  1. Some horn necklaces and other accessories have just arrived at my store. Would love to see some of these accessories being worn on someone IRL. Here are 2 pictures from the French
    collier lena.jpg collier liao.jpg
  2. I have the shorter one of the Liao with the 3 horn H's; I think I have a fuzzy picture of it somewhere...hang on..
  3. Tdf. Anyone nkow prices on these?
  4. Very nice, T......I love the horn accessories. I'm still hunting for that scarf ring.........
  5. GT, on the france website, the Lena is 406 Euros and the Liao is 458 Euros which works out to about $530 and $590 USD. These are longer than mine though.
  6. These are so gogeous! I would love to find a scarf ring for my Mom for Mother's Day!
  7. Thank you, orchids for obliging with a photo of you wearing your Liao. I notice you have 3 round horn discs, as opposed to the one on the french website. How long is your necklace? I wonder how long is the Liao on the french website.

    I personally think the Liao is a better option to the Lena. Concern is the metal disc scratching the horn pieces. Or is that not an issue? The contrast of the metal discs on the Lena can be quite charming too.
  8. Just measured--I unhooked it, and end to end it's 30 inches; the ones shown on the site definitely look longer. I think both are lovely, although I am partial to the all horn piece.
  9. T, those are gorgeous! would be perfect on a white tank top or linen shirts! or even an eyelet summer dress!

  10. ^that would be a fabulous look, pazt!
  11. Thank you!! So pretty!
  12. Oh my! Thanks for mrssparkles and orchids! that's a gorgeous necklace, i want!
  13. stop hunting, D!
  14. It was meeeee!:amuse: I love these horn items too and your necklace is just beautiful!