New homes for your old/no-longer-loved bags

  1. Because my closet is only so big, and because I feel guilty about bags that I once loved but no longer do, I always try to keep an outflow of old bags to go along with my inflow of new bags. Some of these I sell on eBay, but there are many that just aren't worth the hassle (to me, that's anything that would net <$100). Typically I've just given these away to friends, family and Salvation Army but there's always a little tinge of sadness because I worry that these bags will not be appreciated, they're just going to get tossed into the back of someone else's closet, which is no better than sitting unused in my closet.

    I thought it would be a neat idea to host a purse recycling party: everyone brings their old/unloved bags, and you can swap for someone else's old/unloved bag. If more than one person wants a particular bag, you could draw names. If no one wants a particular bag, it would just be donated. No $ is exchanged so it's not about making or losing $. It would just be an excuse to get together with your girlfriends, drink wine, maybe pick up a new bag for your collection...

    Has anyone here done anything like this? If so I'd love to hear how it went. If a friend invited you to something like this, would you be interested in going?
  2. Sounds like a great idea but none of my friends love bags like I do. They usually carry their bags until the the staples (that they use to reconnect the straps to the bag) fall off.
  3. i like the all ideas, but i am like tonij2000. none of my friends really like bags as much as i do...and that is an understatement.
  4. I think this is a great idea...maybe one for a tPF get together!!!!
  5. Agreed. None of my friends care.
  6. :lol:

    It sounds like it could be fun if you had friends that were really into purses, though I'd only bring the purses that I was going to donate/give away in the first place (as opposed to bringing a bag I was considering selling, and hoping I could find a decent trade). Not sure if I'd come home with anything, since not many of my friends are into designer bags, but it would still be worth a shot.
  7. I don't have really nice designer bags I could sell at eBay but when I have old bags I try to give it out to my other relatives or sometimes give them out along with food and used clothing to less fortunate people especially during Christmas and New Years. At least they don't go to waste right? :tup:
  8. It sounds like a great idea but as it has been said - My friends/family just don't have the caliber of bags I do (they think I'm nuts) I wouldn't want any of their stuff. I totally agree that selling on eBay is usually a PITA - the fees, the photos, the description, digging up the price tags, receipts, etc. and then what? I lose a bunch of money - I'd rather keep the bag.
  9. I agree with everyone here. I think it's an amazing idea as long as the people you have get together have similar taste in bag styles. All of my friends think I'm nuts too, and none of them have any bags I'd ever like!
  10. I wonder if we could do it on here. Or would it only cause alot of drama? Like a New Home for Old Bags forum. :p If I did it - I would just have to pick someone who really seemed to love my bag and give it to them. I don't think I could expect a trade or something in return. I wouldn't want to get let down. :crybaby: But, I do understand about wanting the bag to go to a good home.
  11. That would be a great idea lemondrop! We should have a trading forum on here! Maybe we could post pictures of our bags and then maybe make a wishlist or something that you would accept, or something to that degree! That would be really cool!
  12. I think there is already something like this but it's in the marketplace and you have to have access to it to do so.
  13. Just realized we actually have that on here! It seems very hard to gain entrance to it though, although I understand that they don't want somebody just signing up, and trying to trade and sell fake bags.
  14. It's so true ... people never seem to appreciate or take care of handbags when they are given to them. I usually give my mom, SIL or nieces my unused bags and always wonder if they take care of them like I do. One time, I give my mom a Gucci doctor bag with red leather trim (well, she asked for it) and the last time I saw it, the leather zipper pull was torn off.:cursing:
  15. none of my friends are into bags either. I once had a friend tell me she "almost" picked up a new bag for me while on holiday in Turkey. I'd been carrying my Fendi Spy for some time, and she thought that I "needed one in another color" and that "it was only $40". needless to say, I was pretty happy that she didn't get me "another color of my bag" for me :p Another friend only had one bag until she went away on holiday with me and I inspired her to buy a few more :p but I like the idea of tpf swapping, although I don't think I'd participate in it since I kind of like keeping my bags, even the ones I don't carry :p