New holiday Toki clothing

  1. I seen on they've got the new Toki clothing as well. They also have some new womens T-shirts. The ipod girl, diamond, kaiten and rocker boy.

    Also has the new orange haired girl hoodie.

    I also was looking on shoptokidoki and they have new Toki stickers available.

    Too many new things not enough $$$.
  2. Yes, the tokidoki blog has already mention this! lolz
  3. stickers...!! I ordered from trendystars once, and they sent free stickers. I collect stickers..yeah. Don't know if they do that all the time, but just in case people were thinking of ordering from them...they might send stickers. :yes:
  4. I never received stickers with my order from them. :sad:
  5. I didnt get stickers either.... and it took them a month to process my order - which worked in my favor since CDN was on par by the time they charged my cc!

    I love the new clothes! I'm debating whether to get the Angry Cloud Thunder jacket or hoodie...
  6. I LOVE the new toki clothes but ugh they cost an arm and a leg. I need a discount code ... stat!! :lol: