New Holiday Arrivals at Kooba

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Sorry girls, but I hope I don't find one of these in my Christmas stocking!
  2. Hee-hee....fugly.
  3. Seriously. This is just weird. The Aram is not awful, but isn't it sad when that's the best that you can say. The new bags are just not covetable. We're supposed to be crazy about Kooba, but those bags are what's crazy!
  4. I wouldn't mind the non-patent black Aram. I like that one a lot. But I guess that's not a holiday collection bag. The rest - thumbs down.
  5. I have been cheating on Kooba a lot lately, and those pics are the reason. Yuck! They just don't make 'em like they used to.... :sad:
  6. I am definitely not crazy about the patent leather look, especially in that weird olive color.
  7. Santa, I have been a very bad girl please dont bring me one of those Koobas.
  8. Bleah. While the Aram is just okay to me in the non-patent leather I'm still not impressed with any of the Christmas offerings. :tdown:
  9. Well I'm the lone ranger here, but I like them! I especially like the Hudson in the olive patent. :okay:

    Different strokes, eh?
  10. Shockey, I have been naughtier, so I definitely don't deserve one of those Koobas!

    Grace, maybe you can rescue Kooba and buy up all their stock.

    Actually, it's a good job we don't all like the same bags, otherwise we'd be a terribly boring lot.
  11. Not lovin' these bags much. Too bad!
  12. I think I could handle a Hudson in the shoulder bag state. I don't care for it closed like a duffle but even though I love the Olive color I am only a fan of patent in very small doses.
    Hey...I won't turn down any Kooba that would end up in my stocking. Who knows....if we all had first hand use of these bags for awhile, we might find we like some. Am I going back on my original "Fall Koobas Suck" mantra? Heck No...for the most part they do suck. But the Katy was very very nice and the Metallic Elishas, The Olivia, and the Hannah Clutch are pretty nice too
  13. Really fugly. I would like the aram at most in regular leather. Maybe if they had made the patent leather in smaller pieces it wouldn't have looked so bad. Even the last season there wasn't anything I liked except the Elisha but of course the good bags are scooped up quickly. I loved the older Kooba pieces but alas I am still trying to buy my first kooba on eBay since they don't have any of the older beautiful pieces in stores. I jumped on kooba a bit too late...
  14. Boo Hoo. :cry:
  15. They really need to bring back the soft leather!