New hobo! :)

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  1. I just got this hobo recently from SCP in Costa Mesa, CA.
    WOOHOO to all my SoCal people.

    Loving the yellow. (Son took the pictures for me, since I'm bad at that lol)

    P.S. excuse my sons nail biting habit lol.

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  2. Here are the rest of the pictures. I really wish they made this bag with feet though. Oh well.

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  3. Nice choice.
    Congrats. :smile:

    I have this same purse but with the Brown Strap.

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  4. Really love this bag, the pop of color and the shape!! Nice pick!!!
  5. Beautiful! Love the yellow strap. Adds a really nice pop
  6. Beautiful bag and especially love it with that yellow! Congrats!!
  7. SCP is my fave mall in the orange county whenever I visit the area, lovely bag!