New Hobo Style? the shrug in magenta?

  1. I have seen the style. The potential problem with it is that it only has the flap closure so it doesn't really close on top.
  2. Love the color, the style not so much.
  3. I have it - I actually love it, but I know not everyone does. It's great for carting odd-shaped stuff around, which I occasionally have to do. (Somewhere I have a photo of my cat inside my shrug - not that I usually carry her in it...) Not at all good for carrying papers, laptop, anything flat-ish - it kind of becomes a ball-bag when it's full. And I think it retails for $995, not $1050.
  4. They had these at the Shirise sale. We were going back and forth on what it was called because David didn't know and we finally figured out it was this. I've never actually seen one IRL.
  5. I went to buy this bag originally, and ended up with the day bag. This one only has the flap closure as pictured, but it's only a handheld bag. It's a little smaller than the day/hobo. It's very cute though!
  6. no, but i want one :yes: the balenciaga stores carry these now?!?!
  7. didn't they have them at Bal NY when you were there the other day? i am surprised.

    are you going to post pics of your bags soon?
  8. you know, i didn't even know this style existed while i was there...but it might not have mattered anyway, since i was fixated on the hobo :smile: ...the thing about the nyc store is they only display a few of their they don't even have all of the styles up there for you to've kinda gotta know what you're looking for & ask for it...i'll try & post pictures of my new babies today :heart:
  9. Bal. NY actually had it the other day in magenta!:yes: :graucho:
  10. do you know if they had it in other colors too???...not that i'm going to run out & get one or anything...if only my wallet could keep up with my addiction :amuse:
  11. I have never been so I don't know. It is too bad because it is nice to see all the styles to compare them.
  12. thanks for all the replies! Yea, I just got a sky blue day hobo, and was debating between the day and the shrug. I think the website no longer has any in stock, because if you try clicking on the shrug it just takes you to some random location. Happy with my new sky blue hobo, but it's BIG on me! hope i get used to the size, otherwise I may have to let it go.
  13. I saw these at Shirise. Don't love them.