New Hideous Bags on LV website now.

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  1. The Fringe Speedy, Demi, and Bucket are in the spring-summer 2006.
    and the may 1st arrivals are in the multicolore section.

    all i have to say is EWWWWW :cry:
  2. New bags on

    I'm not feeling any of these :sad:

  3. Those bags prove that mashing disparate elements together isn't always serendipitous, Reeses notwithstanding.
  4. Elvis would be so proud!
  5. Why I cant see it??:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. heheeh I agree, bags r not as exciting to own.... oh well, it is still LV so ppl will still buy it..
  7. yep, i agree. Those bag are hedious.... i don't like them at all.
  8. the demi looks the least bad.
  9. all I can say is wow - and that's not a good wow!
  10. way too much stitching also....~!
  11. I think its great that er...they are experimenting with different designs but these are pretty bad. I saw the middle one in an ad and had to take a double look because I was so shocked that LV put this out.
  12. Oh NO!!!!!
  13. Yeah, when I saw that line in the pic about how it was "inspird by Elvis Presley's costumes" I was convinced it was a joke. But I guess the joke is on the consumers. Ha.
  14. They all need a haircut.
  15. Someone was on a bad 60's acid trip when they came up with these!:sick: