New Hermessence Perfume Coming Soon

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  1. Hermes are releasing a new addition to their Hermessence collection called Paprika Brasil. I really cannot wait to smell it.

    Anyone here a fan of Hermessence?

    Hermessence Paprika Brasil
  2. I am. I love Rose Ikebana. I'm curious about Paprika Brasil, hopefully it won't smell too much like food since perfume with food-like scent (i.e. cinnamon, vanilla, etc) often makes me hungry:P
  3. I love Ambre Narguile, which is supposed to evoke the texture and feel of cashmere through scent.
  4. Really? I love cashmere, now I got to get myself a sample of that too. Thanks HG!
  5. It's a bit musky and very oriental in scent. You may find it an acquired taste.

    BTW, Rose Ikebana is supposed to be reminiscent of silk.
  6. Have To Say Am Very Tempted With The Rose My Husband Wears The New Mens One And It Is Scrummy....
  7. Does anyone know what all the scents are supposed to represent?
  8. Paprika Basil sounds delicious!

    Actually, I am now addicted to Hermes Hiris scent. I have to have a spritz everyday!
  9. Rose Ikebana=silk
    Poivre Samarcande=velvet
    Vetiver Tonka=wool
    Ambre Narguile=cashmere
    Osmanthe Yunnan=leather

    Or so I have read...........
  10. I wear Rose Ikebana. It's fabulous!
  11. I love Rose Ikebane, but found myself kind of longing for Osmanthe Yunnan and Ambre Narguile perfumes. :shame:
    Somehow I think that relations mentioned by Hermesgroupie make perfect sense .
    I certainly agree that Rose Ikebana may feel like silk and Ambre Narguile like nice warm 4 ply cashmere.:yes:
  12. I wear Osmanthe Yunnan so I am a leather girl *fishes mind out of gutter*
  13. I'm going to have to try that out first then. I'm not a musky oriental scent type of person since it doesn't go well with my body chemistry. I sure hope it works on me though ... I LOVE cashmere ...

    Yup! I thought it was interesting that they name it Rose Silk/Ikebana. The first several times I tried it it seems more like Rose with a tinge of sweetness to it, but now I can definitely "smell" the silk part of the perfume. I just love that scent, it would be nice if it comes in EDP.:love:
  14. I love Vetiver Tonka too~~ For some reasons it smell a little like a mix of incense and tea on me.:shame:
  15. Vetiver Tonka is not bad.