New Hermessence Perfume Brin De Réglisse

  1. Thanks for the info! Liquorice??? Freaking love liquorice, have to smell this!

  2. me too :nuts:
  3. jamiew, thank you! Can't wait to try out this one.
  4. Jean-Claude Ellena sure has been busy lately. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. The combination is very interesting. If you like liquorice, you'll love it. They had in in Cannes but I didn't notice it anywhere else yet. My only complaint is the lasting power.

    BYW, this came in low under the radar. I heard no advance notice about another new fragrance. All the talk had been of Kelly Caleche.
  6. I cant wait to try this! Ellena is a god!
  7. I wonder if they will be releasing more Hermessence perfumes in the future?
  8. Ohhhh, I haven't seen this one! Great!
  9. Is it available everywhere now?
  10. Yum, sounds wonderful!
  11. WOW!!! this sounds intriquing!!! loving my Kelly Caleche!
    Thank you for posting about this!
  12. I don't like liquorice at all in fact i detest it. That aniseed smell is just foul! i hate it when my family cracks out the ouzo. I guess there is one H i WONT be after lol!

    P.s. I bought Kelly Caleche yesterday, and waiting to get terre, so i don't have room for more fragrences lol.

  13. not in the US until November or so I have been told.