New Hermes Watch: Cape Cod Grandes Heures

  1. Hermes is introducing a new watch called the Grandes Heures. The casing is in the Cape Cod design and will be offered in rose gold with the choice of copper or opal face. Leather or exotic strap, automatic movement, etc.

    The truly fascinating part, however, is the movement. While keeping accurate time (of course), this watch alters your perception of time passing. Everyone's day is different. Some people feel the hours before lunch are interminable, noon to two o'clock passes in an eyeblink, and 2 to 6 pm drags by, but happy hour (or hourS) passes in another blink of an eye. There's a version for those people.

    There is also another version for those of you who like lunch hours long, and afternoons short.

    If I recall correctly, there are six or so versions of the Grandes Heures in all.

    The numbers on the watch face are bunched around the dial in an almost Dali-esque/Dr Seussian fashion, illustrating how our perception of time is altered during the day depending on our daily activities. But the magic is in the movement. The minute hand travels around as normal, but the hour hand travels either quickly or slowly around the dial between numbers (spaced far apart or close together).

    I can't wait for this baby to come out. I'm not really a watch person, but I've already decided that I've got to have this one.

    It's sheer genius! A wonderfully fanciful fusion of art and technology. I love it!!
  2. Gina I'm getting a headache just thinking about this!! :weird:

    Sounds like great fun - can't wait to see one :upsidedown:

    ETA - Any idea when it's due out?
  3. thanks for the heads up on this one gina_b!
    definitely something to look forward to. :nuts:
  4. Sounds very interesting! Thank you for sharing Gina!
  5. woah am i understanding this right? the face has numbers spread at different intervals around the face? thus to make up for the inequalities the hour hand must move at different speeds between the various distances? Personally this sounds annoying but who knows maybe i will like it cant wait to see a pic
  6. ^^ From the explanation I got, I think that's right. It's really really cool, trust me. And I love how they've taken the most classic Hermes design and given it such a great little twist!

    Handybags, there isn't a set launch date yet, but it looks like it may be in S/S '08!
  7. Thanks G - sounds like great fun. I'm loving this whole idea :nuts:
  8. Me too! I'm already dreaming of one with a copper face and a miel croc strap!
  9. Sure - but where do you want your loooooong hours? :push:
  10. I am always thrilled for a new Cape Cod! I thought they stopped making the automatic movement?
  11. ^^ You mean for the Cape Cod? No, this one is automatic. There are also a selection of other Hermes watches with automatic movement, like the Arceau.

    Hmm... and where do I want my long hours? I'm not sure, but I've narrowed my options down to two different faces so far. Might choose the one that gives me a 'long lunch' every day. ;)
  12. I'm so confused...:nuts:
  13. That watch sounds beautiful. I'd love to see pictures. :smile:
  14. I need one for people who are always late :shame:
  15. I am intrigued. I have been wanting a Cape Cod watch for some time, but have yet to take the plunge. This sounds like it might be the one.