New Hermès store..

  1. I went down to Hermès today to see what they had in stock and it was really 'bare bones'.. Like almost nothing there..

    I asked my SA what was up, and they're moving into a new shop down the street!

    So as they build I'll post some pics here for you girls. Right now the new store front is covered in a giant 'Orange Box'... Pics coming soon!

    I'm on vacation for a week as of tomorrow morning, but when I get back I'll stroll down and take pics..

    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Love it!!! LOVE IT! POst pics.
  3. I have been told by an SA once that the best chance to get a Birkin is to visit a shop when it opens as they will (or must) have for sure some Birkins on stock for the opening days. Is that true?
  4. It migh be true! If you're interested, the Hermes in Lugano is currently under renovation and the opening is sometime in autumn. You can call the Lugano office and check the exact opening date!
  5. I can ask for you next time I go by.
    I'll get the opening date then as well..
  6. Are you serious? I totally missed out on the Boston store reopening! :cry:
  7. LaVan: Thanks for the info. Somebody told me that the St. Moritz shop is reopening as well sometime in June or July (?), that would be sooner then the Lugano shop... I will call both shops next week and keep you posted.

    Lisaanne: Thank you, that is very kind!
  8. One would think that is true. I also heard that when there are store openings or relocations that they generally bring in unique bags for people to "ooh and ahh" over. Sometimes the basic bags are harder to come by. I also heard that more bags are not actually made for the boutique, but that they are shipped to the store opening/relocating from other existing stores to boost up their inventory for their party or first week of shoppers. I can just picture ostrich bags, vibrato, croc etc.
  9. Any news about the New Hermes store in Copenhagen?
  10. Sorry gals,

    I just got back in town and I'm writing a project.. It's due on Wednesday, after that I'll go down and take some pics..

    I'll ask my SA about the inventory too...
  11. Not only will they have inventory for the opening, the event itself triggers sales, so you can anticipate shipments to replenish inventory in the days after....
  12. Don't want to burst your bubble...a friend of mine went to an opening and from her report, I wasn't too impressed with what was on display or offered for sale. It was minimal. They did not get a load of new items shipped like you would think. Items were transfered in from other stores to boost inventory a bit. One would think there would have been a great deal of merchandise, but not really.
    Items did sell and things will arrive later, but I don't think it will be that much of a difference than what the store received already.
    This was stateside, so maybe your case may be different.
  13. Kellybag--I realized after reading your post that my post may have been misleading---By increased inventory I mean they have some Kellys & Birkins...and some means 2 or 3, or even 4! In the world of Hermes that seems like the motherlode. lol
  14. Gotcha Venezia...actually, I didn't mean to make you think you were misleading. Guess I was just sticking my two cents in there...some people would kill to get to an opening or get there the next day and there just may not be many bags for someone to go out of their way to get to the boutique. In the world of Kellys and are 100% correct a few is a motherlode.