New Hermes Store Coming In Long Island!!!!!!

  1. Went to Manhasset today to do a little shopping and guess what I saw?

    Yes,.... The Big Orange Box Store front!!!! It appears that the Hermes store is expanding. They are moving across the road to a much bigger space and it faces directly onto Northern Blvd so all the passersby will see the big orange box as they drive by.

    I'm so happy!!!!! They are now going CORPORATE!!!!! YEE HAW! IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!!!!

    I'm doing the Birkin dance as we speak!

    Downloading pictures so I can post!
  2. Oooo, details!

    Will it still be part of the mall? When is the Grand Re-Opening? Are you gonna swim in the Roderer that night?

    And most important of all, are they going to do any special edition bags and scarves for the occaision? :p
  3. Across Northern Blvd? Where Bonwit Teller used to be?
  4. Pics!!!!!
  5. No no... It's still in the Americana just opposite of the store.
  6. Yes, still part of the mall.

    They don't exactly know when the re-opening will be. They will know more during the next few weeks.

    I WILL swim in Roderer that night. This will most likely be the only opening I will ever get invited too.... :roflmfao: My girl M will not party without me!

    No words yet on the SE Scarf's. But as every opening goes there is a special limited something.

    I will know more when my SA is in on Friday. Will even take detailed pics. The one on my iPhone suckz
  7. For anyone who cares. This will be Hermes Americana Manhassets 3rd move since it's being there.

    First they were inside Barneys...

    Then They moved next door to Barney's

    and now.... They are moving right next door opposite of across the street!

    HAHA... they're working their way OUT of the mall!!!!!!
  8. Wow! I'd love to pay them a visit!
  9. i'm still waiting for the store to open up in riverside square in nj!! (save on taxes!!!)
  10. Gee Whiz Baggs, how things have changed! I grew up there and remember when my mom would go to the grocery store and drug store etc. at Americana. Went on dates to the movie theater! Yikes! The real estate has certainly gone up in value and this really has turned into Rodeo Drive!
  11. ^Yes! Manhasset Has Changed, I :heart: It There (& Miss It!)...I Can't Wait For The Expanded H Store!!!!:yahoo:
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I cant wait for your first hand account!
    Do let me know about the SE scarf. I would love to add it to my collection.
    I just got the Dosan Park, South Korea scarf. It and Madison Ave wants a playmate. :yes:

  13. Are you still close by? I did a MSN map thing of the old family home and freaked! The area is still very beautiful, but changed!
  14. GK ~ Not Anymore.....I'm More In SE Alaska.....But, I Do Still Frequent Shop There...When In NY:yes:

    ETA: We Should Meet Up There & Baggs, Too!!!!!