New Hermes Sling Bag

  1. I saw a new Hermes sling bag yesterday just as I was on my way out, so I didn't turn around to enquire about it (I was also too afraid to ask then, because it can only mean more 'trouble'). It was being modelled by a customer who owns the same bag, and can you believe it, showing the SAs how to use the bag!!!!!

    The strap is so long, one can sling it across your torso. And the bag itself body a smallish rectangular body. It looks like a great casual bag. It has a very smooth interior it seems.

    Anyone know the name of this bag? And its costs?
  2. Was it all leather?
  3. Yes, Sue. All leather. No hardware even.
  4. What kind of closure did it have? Was it like a flap closure in the front?
  5. ^^Yes, Sue. It's a flap bag. I don't know how if it has a clasp or not, but it look like it didn't. ...
  6. I'd like to know too...
  7. Oh ok... is this it?

    View attachment 82986
  8. Thanks, Sue. But it isn't. It's a small east-west flap. Looks wonderfully simple.
  9. MrsS, was it about 8 inches wide by 10 inches long? Boxy in shape? With a canvas strap? If so, it sounds like the Tibet.
  10. MrS, does it have outside pockets and handles?
    And is the strap detachable?
    If it is, then it could be the Caravane.
  11. Does it resemble anything in the Hermes Supercatalog in the Ref Library?
  12. Hi HG, yeah ... that's just about the right size. I just dare not pick up the phone and ask, because before I know it, I could be hypnotised to view it, and then, dang! Another purchase. I gotta slow down BIG TIME.
  13. BSL, erm ... I don't remember if it has outside pockets nor handles .... detachable strap? I don't know either. I did see the lady re-arranging the strap to show the SA how to use it though. She seemed to be re-arranging it like the evelyn's strap somehow.
  14. orchids, upon your suggestion, I went to view your supercatalog and man, I end up being more confused than before I started.

    I hazard a guess that it's like the Dolly ...:confused1: :s
  15. It really is a new model ... I can't find it in the supercatalog.

    It's name is something like "Attaleage" so something like it. Anyone know the exact name?