New Hermes scarf for my Red Jasmin! Pic inside

  1. Well, thanks to the thread "Bags and beautiful scarves" -- and especially chanelvgirl's mandarin pont neuf pic in that thread -- I stopped by Hermes NYC today and bought a pochette for my Jasmin! I really loved the pochette that chanelvgirl had on her pont neuf, it looked so cute! I was thrilled when I got to Hermes to see that they were selling that design! They had it in yellow, green and blue. I like how the yellow has some red color throughout to match my bag. :upsidedown:

    So here is my Jasmin with her new accessory! :love:

  2. This looks really cute!
  3. wow..looks great on your bag. I like that design too..:love:
  4. I love it!! If you don't mind, how much was the scarf??

  5. for pocket square normally around $100

    here's the link if you want to check them out:
  6. GORGEOUS! I love it!
  7. Wow, I love it! It looks gorgeous with your bag!!!!!!!

  8. Yup, $100 :yes:
  9. Aw! It's so sophisticated. Very, very good choice.
  10. nice!
  11. Hi there, ohhhh that pochette is lovely. Love that colourway. Don't you just love this pattern? I want to get the pink one too, if I can find it. Congrats!! It's gorgeous:yahoo:
  12. It's gorgeous! BTW, how did you tie the scarf that way?

  13. Thank you!!! but I don't see that one on the site.. I guess I'm going to have to go there personally??

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a pain.. but do you know the name of the scarf or maybe the style number?
  14. I found this, courtesy of crochetbella:flowers:

  15. The name of the pochette is called "Les Triples". I remember seeing this pochette in pink, blue (just gorgeous), mandarin, and yellow. SCP had a good selection of pochettes:flowers: