new Hermes scarf design with hearts and birds....

  1. anyone know the name?
  2. De Tout Coeur

    I loved it in green, gorgeous shade!
  3. Got it in duck blue.

  4. is that a sort of teal? went to Hermes...........they didnt have any!
  5. And I've got it in pink :love:
  6. Yep, but I got mine when this CW first came out so it was a while back.
  7. uh i could kick myself...........i snooze and lose
  8. Love that one. NM in SF still had a few different cws. I know they had black and I think green...
  9. I have it in pink! I love it! NM in Dallas had it in pink and black, I think! Doesn't that mean "Matters of the Heart"?
  10. I have it in the purple and I LOVE IT!
  11. Literally, with all heart. My SA calls "With all MY heart". I prefer the latter.
  12. Sounds so romantic :love:.
  13. Ooh, I love that better too! :heart:
  14. yeah me too ...........TOO bad I dont have one.:sick:
  15. just kidding.............i could serously kick myself. its the first scarf i have liked in quite a while