New Hermes Purple

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  1. Hi guys I am feeling super excited as I received a call from my SA saying that the craftsmen are no longer doing special orders with vert anis and purple lining (is it just that the va is discontinued ?) so my SO is not going to happen BUT to compensate for this there is a purple B which has just come in for me to look at. So I already have a raisin B but my SA said no this is just purple. Is anemone the newest purple out ? TIA
  2. Yes Anemone is the new purple for this season.
  3. Must b the new anemone
    Quick make a trip down
    Hope u get a new so soon
  4. Sorry for your SO! But you must have a nice SA to offer you a B in the meantime. Would love to know if this new purple came home with you and if it is up to your expectation. Anemone seems nice!
  5. Heading there tomorrow morning to check this out.
  6. pics please. :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.