New Hermes on Bluefly (Bolide, ect)

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Ashtrays:
  3. Whoa E......just checked it out and the Bolide's and ashtrays are already gone! I would have LOVED that bird pretty. (Don't smoke but hey! I'd use it for holding jewelery or something.....)
  4. Holy heck - they had Bolides?
  5. shopmom- I just checked and they still had the ashtrays. Do a search under Hermes in the Home section rather than the Women's section.

    Was the green bolide Vert Anis??
  6. Well they were beautiful. Thanks Japster.
  7. the bolides are back -- must have been let go from shopping carts (they'll hold items in your cart for an hour).
  8. The fish ash tray is soo cute!
  9. Still see the chocolate and the tan Bolides. There's also a couple of cute GP totes at 10% off - the black leather one looks very nice!
  10. The Ashtrays are listed in the "Home" section
  11. Man, what's going on here!!! soon we will be able to buy Birkins and Kelly at the connivence of a click! HAHAHA NOT! :amazed:
  12. Thanks for letting us know E! I almost had a heart attack when I saw the Astrologie bracelet on there thinking I could have saved myself some $$, but then I saw the diameter size--they are GM (2.75") vs. PM (2.5") in case anyone's checking out the bracelets.
  13. Beautiful bolides! Any idea why the green one doesn't have the pocket or the circle? Is there a third type of bolide that is not the standard bolide or bolide 1923? Thanks in advance :smile:
  14. ^^ humm,... good looking out! Let's investigate! I was told that Bluefly sometimes carry fakes because they have scammers who buy authentic and return fakes!