New Hermès Men's Messenger Bag!!!

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  1. Hello I don't know if this has been posted or not but if it has then feel free to close the thread, well there will be a new men's Messenger bag I don't know the release date yet but it will come in 3 sizes, from 1,910 euros.

  2. Wow not a bad price for a full leather Hermes bag!
  3. It looks like a male version of the Lindy! It almost looks like a genuine pilot's bag...I'll have to dig out SO's pilot bag and compare.
  4. I really like that bag. I'd be tempted to use it for myself as a travel bag. This would be something that DH and I could actually trade off carrying which we often do with day bags when we're traveling.
  5. I'm intrigued...the medium and large size could work quite nicely. Now I just need to talk to my SA!!!
  6. This bag is the 24/24 and is available in a new leather called Sikka, I believe.
  7. Sikka?

    Castorny, please elaborate! First time I have heard about this leather, how exciting!
  8. Doesn't do it for me - looks like a dopp kit with a strap!
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  9. Looks fantastic, could definitely see some of my guy friends sporting that!
  10. I like these great Man bags!
  11. not for me.
  12. Sikka is like a softer squishier version of Swift. I may have the name slightly wrong. I saw it in the leather book and saw that the 24/24 collection is only offered in this new leather.
  13. Love it, especially the largest one!
  14. I talked to my SA about the largest size, and he seemed to think that it was too small for a travel bag.
  15. very elegant!