new hermes in print

  1. i could not find the right thread!!!!! lol, i am going blind, mods pls move this if it is necessary.

    this photo appears in the new issue of Harpers Bazaar on page 201, and it says Anne Grauso, wife of Puig Group owner, shows their gorgeous farmhouse in millbrook, ny and her collection of more than 30 Hermes bags! (note: i guess this means i have carte blanche to keep going!!!! lol)...:roflmfao:
  2. I need that raisin box jige right now.
    Come to mama!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. The most I've ever heard was 250+ bags. So you have plenty of room to keep going HC.
  4. I saw this article, and haven't we seen a tPFer display a bag or two on this tallboy before?
  5. I think you might be right...I seem to also recognize the stools in front of it.
    So, Anne, if you are here...

    That is one gorgeous house and stunning collection!! :wtf::wtf::nuts::drool::drool:
  6. Ooooh, ostrich and Etoupe Birkins! :drool:

    I'm really craving another bag!
  7. The Jiges and that gold Massai... :heart::heart::heart:
    and the Goyard trunk!!!
  8. That's so funny Cynthis...see? no secrets from the lovely ladies here.....
  9. Sorry - CynthiA!
  10. jige elan is calling me.....:rolleyes:
  11. WHICH one?? This darling woman has three!!!
    It really is a lovely collection!
  12. HC, thanks for sharing!! What a stunning collection (and that's only some of it!) that Anne has. ;) *pretty sigh*
  13. What a lovely collection! :drool:

    Did I see a Gris at the back?
  14. Yum I ripped this out and put it in my H file.
    I love the way she displayed everything.
  15. You have an H file? Awesome!

    LOL, yeah ain't that the truth. For better or worse!