New Hermes dust bag design

  1. Hello Everyone,

    After attending the scarf event at SCP last Saturday, I decided to stop by the boutique to sample the latest goodies. To my suprise, my SA and I found this new dust bag design in one of their Kelly clutches in swift leather. The dust bag came in the same toile material used in the pouches in their Hermessence fragrance line. It is funny that months ago, I mentioned to my SA how nice it would be if Hermes used the same material for the dust bag of their regular bag since it came in a nice neutral color and hence will bring out the beauty of any bag. And now it is a reality. I personally prefer it to the current orange flannel material. The toile has this nice herrringbone pattern with a linen/canvas texture which goes well with the cotton string in this brown color similar to the H bolduc. H actually uses the same toile in the lining of their travel Birkins and their saddle carrier.

    Has anyone else seen this new dust bag design?


  2. Yes, HG has seen it. But for good measure, also decided not to describe it, to delay the scammers in producing these sleeper bags. :sad:
  3. I saw the new sleeper bag design at SCP on Sunday and it was on a sleeper bag for a Kelly. It is definitely a nicer, more subdued color and design.
  4. I've seen the new dustbags as well on a batch of bags that were delivered last week at 24Fbg and while it's a very nice material, I prefer the orange ones which are more quintessentially Hermès to me.

    In any case, I will try asking for a few extra orange ones for my small items before they go out of stock.

    The new beige ones are like the Hermessence pouches but they appear not to be as velvetty soft as the oranges ones (at least the one I touched)... which is strange because my tiny Hermessence bottle's sleeper is so soft.
  5. I saw & felt one today. It was a big sleeper bag for a 32cm Blue Jean Epsom HAC.