New Hermes convert & now obsessed...

Feb 15, 2007
I've been lurking for a while & asking questions here & there, but I think it's finally time for me to introduce myself.

"Hi, I'm Cindy. I think I'm about to become an H addict."

I used to be an i-banker & traveled a lot for business, so I was always on the lookout for bags which I can just throw around (lots of Tumi) and not have to worry about on the planes & at hotels. My favorite bag was a couple of BV's that unfortunately got pretty abused during constant business travels. My mom has been a loyal BV person for as long as I can remember, so I've sort of followed her step---until now.

My first real visit to an Hermes store was last year in San Francisco. DH & I were staying in the city for DH's conference, and I had three days to just hang out with my dog. By the way, if you're traveling with a dog Four Seasons Hotel is amazingly dog friendly. They have my dog as a frequent guest in the record and calls us before we check in whenever we are staying at the hotel.

The day was absolutely gorgeous and I think I walked for hours just browsing and shopping. The SF Hermes store is only a couple of blocks up from Four Seasons Hotel, and I saw a Birkin travel bag in the window that immediately caught my eyes. So, I walk in with my lab, Chumley. The great think about SF is that so many stores are so dog friendly. I'm not sure who the SA's were happier to see. Me or my dog. Just to brag a little bit... My dog is a very light lab which most people refer to as a white lab with very soft fur. He's also a retired guide dog.

While most of the SA's were admiring Chumley, a friendly SA asked me if I wanted to look around while Chumley slept by the counter. "Of course," I said. She started walking around the store and showed me anything I wanted to see. I think she took a pity on me because I was so new to Hermes. While I was trying on a watch, a male SA came over to us & asked if the dog was mine. I immediately thought something was wrong, but he just complimented on how beautiful & well behaved he was & said to let the SA know if I wanted to see anything else from the back.

I think my first visit lasted for about an hour. During that time, the SA who was helping me was so patient and just very sweet. It looked like she saw a few customer who knew her while she was helping me, but she continued to help me. I didn't buy any bag that day, but I walked out with several bracelets, a scarf, an agenda, a perfume and a couple of ties for DH. I think I almost bought a red Kelly Pochette that day, but I don't remember why I didn't.:confused1:

The next day, I went back to reconsider getting a Bebop or a Karo the SA had shown me the previous day. While I was in there, another SA brought out a big box for another customer. I think it was a 32 black box with palladium hardware. It was beautiful! My SA saw me looking at the bag and asked me if I was interested. "Yes, of course!" She asked me to wait & see if the other lady was going to take it. If she doesn't, it's mine. Well, the lady took it. I did end up walking out with a Bebop, a Karo & another bracelet.

My first experience at the store couldn't have been better-I think. The SA who helped me has been wonderful, and she's currently in search of a couple of things for me.

Thanks for reading my long intro. I just love reading your stories and reveals!!!
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J'ai deux amours...
May 20, 2006
Welcome to the nuthouse marie-marie... j/k:lol:...I'm so happy to hear another great report abt the SF store.:okay:

BTW Chumley is a fab name! Is it after the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon's 'Chumley'?


Jun 23, 2007
It is a lovely story. Hermes makes a dog carrier and collars/leashes. My Yorkie and I often visit Hermes in NYC. They are very dog friendly. I've seen many breeds of dogs shopping with their owners in both city stores. It's amazing how a dog can reach even the hardest SA where I fail.
Feb 15, 2007
Thanks everyone for your warm welcome.

BTW Chumley is a fab name! Is it after the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon's 'Chumley'?

I think so, but I'm not sure since we don't get to name our guide dog puppies. The guide dog school has a specific system of naming their dogs, and Chumley came with the name. We weren't too happy with the name at first, but we love it now. By the way, the correct Welsh spelling is Cholmondeley. Can you believe it?


Aug 27, 2006
Welcome to the wonderful land of H! I loved your story and yes, I agree with you that the Four Seasons hotel is extremely dog-friendly. So funny coz everytime we stay there, our dog gets free evian water but we, the humans, have to pay for ours from the mini we always steal our dog's...LOL :P

So glad that you got amazing service at the SF Hermes. When I was there, I got a very warm welcome too!

Looking forward to your reveals on this board! :yes:

I've seen many breeds of dogs shopping with their owners in both city stores. It's amazing how a dog can reach even the hardest SA where I fail.

So true, millliesmom!! My yorkie ALWAYS breaks the ice with strangers. I am quite a shy person but whenever I walk my yorkie, I always get stopped and talked too. We can never go on a 10 min walk, a 10 min walk always turns into a 45 min one.

Hermès is extremely dog-friendly...and that's one more reason why I love H! :yahoo:


Apr 23, 2007
Welcome to the Orange side!:graucho:

Not taken my dog into a Hermes store yet (though his coat could almost be considered Hermes Orange!!). I'd be terrified he'd try and jump up on one of the SAs to give them "big kisses" as he does that at the pet store with the SA's there!:shame: