New Hermes Boutique

  1. In Charlotte, NC (South Park Mall). It Will Be Opening In September, Along With Other New Boutiques & Finally Neimans!
    We Moved To Charlotte (A Couple Years Ago). Though, From NY....We Go Back & Forth, Quite A Bit...So I'm Never w/o Hermes.......But, It Will Be Nice To Have It Down The Street!!!
  2. Congratulations to you bagluv!

    I would love Hermes to be in my neighborhood, but I would love NM as well. Neimans is great and their sales staff is the best! Happy shopping at all the new spots.
  3. Oooh....sounds delightfully dangerous!!

  4. OH. MY. GOD.

    I can't believe it. I knew they were getting Neiman's, but HERMES? Christmas is coming early THIS year.
    I will be able to go to Hermes pretty much whenever I want to now. I LOVE shopping in that mall.
  5. Awesome! That area really needed one!
  6. You Are All So Sweet!!! I Can't Wait!

    Neiman's Is My Absolute Favorite....I Miss It!

    Nathansgirl ~ We Have Been Waited So Long For NM! ......I Believe There Are 5 Spaces Where Neiman's Mall Entrance Is....Two Have Not Been Decided On....The 3 So Far (This Is Kind Of Funnny....) BCBG, Ralph Lauren, & Hermes......Talk About An Odd Combination. But, They Are All Perfect In That Mall!
  7. Supposedly Hermes is rolling out a new design concept for their stores. I've heard the re-opening of the Fairfax Square location in Northern VA is one of the first.

    And instead of a ribbon-cutting ceremony, I hear the tradition is that a horse is led across the threshold of new stores. Fairfax Square has a street entrance--but hard to imagine this in a mall!

    But, my exciting news is that DH & I have been invited to the grand re-opening of the Virginia store. I'm so excited--I'm sure an Hermes event is special.
  8. Oh Venezia you are so LUCKY!!!! It must be sooo exciting! I WANNA GO TOO!! WAAAH WAAAH!!

    And please please please you have to tell us ALL about the grand opening party!!!! I will be waiting for that thread!!! (Oh when is the opening by the way??)
  9. The store has actually re-opened in the original location, but the official celebrations (there are two events I know about) aren't until the week of May 15.
  10. Venezia...That Sounds Amazing!!! One More Week!
  11. speaking of NC.... since I might move down to NC next year if I get accepted to UNC Medical school....

    And sorry for my ignorance regarding the state... I should look into it more..but is the New Hermes Boutique ANYWHERE near Chapel Hill???
  12. Joanna!! Med school!! How nice!!
  13. Chapel Hill is about three hours from Charlotte. Add another ten minutes for traffic once you get off the interstate and onto Tyvola Road (which is where the mall is located).

    Good luck on getting accepted! Carolina has a GREAT med school.
  14. Oh how exciting! I'm about 1 1/2 hours from Charlotte and have to travel there every few months for work. I love southpark and this will be a great addition!
  15. Joanna:

    Good luck!! I hope you get in:flowers: