New Hermes Bolduc?

  1. In Las Vegas yesterday I purchased the new Bolduc (I believe) where the ribbons look woven. In Orange. To die for. The SA found me the scarf ring I need in black to work with it. So different from the other H scarf I have. :woohoo:

    They had one small Kelly in black.

    SA was lovely- Yamiko.

    I am now on an orange kick. Is it just a trend color? It works really well with my coloring so I guess it doesn't matter.
  2. Congrats on your purchase!
    Please post pics.
  3. It sounds like the Boldic design that came out for Fall/Winter 2007... I have a grey one that has the "woven" look.
  4. Nice! I love the pattern. The twilly in that pattern were Xmas gifts for a number of folks this year!