new hermes bag

  1. What is the name of the new hermes bag named after the socialite in LA? It looks like a birkin/kelly mix with two pockets in front and you need her permission to purchase it. Do we know when they are going to start selling them? What do you think of it?:tup: or:tdown:
  2. i think it is the Camden but I could be wrong

    let me go check
  3. Casden. Her name is Susan Casden.
  4. Thanks HG
    I was just coming back to report is was Casden
  5. It is not really a "Hermes Bag." It was designed with the input of Susan Casden and Hermes made it since she is a top, top client. That is why you would need permission from her if you want the bag. This is what I've been told by my SA. Not that I want the bag, I do not like the look.
  6. There are some truly special (like bespoke) orders that can be produced by H if you are granted this privilege--involves iterating a design with them, must be in keeping with the house's philosophy, which can mean looking back into the history of the house for ideas and elements to include--and they have to approve it before it will get made. It can get as specific as choosing the particular skin that gets used (not sure if this is ever done by the client, but, the person supervising the design process and its execution might be doing it).
  7. The client can choose the skin. :yes: