New Hermes Bag?

  1. Just read this in HB. Will try to scan photo later, unless someone else can upload it.

    The New Birkin
    Los Angeles social figure and couture client Susan Casden is following in the footsteps of some legendary ladies: Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin. That's right, Casden has gotten an Hermes bag named after her. The pocketbook will be available to order, but only with Casden's consent.
  2. Is it a bag or a pocketbook?
  3. :wtf:
  4. it's that bag if I recall correctly that looks a bit like a MJ bag with 2 pockets outside?
  5. What the bloody....what?? What does this mean, exactly? She has to do like a personal interview of each potential buyer? LOL
  6. It sounds like it is not the same as the birkin or kelly....just that if you happen to like this bag and Herself says you can order one, you can. That is my understanding of what I read in the article as written in HHeels thread.

    I think HB is stretching the tale, this is quite unlike the Birkin and Kelly, which are now part of the Hermes line worldwide. There have been other bags that have been designed with input from clients, which have also become part of the does not look like this bag will be amongst that elite group of bag designs.
  7. LOL I just got a funny visual of walking into a cold, stark room, wearing a suit and carrying my portfolio and resume :p
  8. Hee!
    Frankly, herself sounds quite full of herself, to me.

    Thank you for posting the link to the earlier thread; I'd not seen it before. The bag is a bit clunky to me, actually.
  9. Can you imagine Grace Kelly saying people had to have her permission to carry a Kelly?????

    Its ludicrous...(i know she didnt design it, I am just saying....its so ungracious a thought)

    If this is so, it must only be because H did not put this bag into regular production, for whatever reason.
  10. Yes, it is incredibly ungracious. Crass, even, in my opinion.

    When I was reading the original thread, I wondered the same thing you just mentioned...that maybe these are sort of "one offs" just for her (couture, if you will), and are not going into normal production line at all? I honestly actually hope so, as I find the bag's design very clumsy and unattractive, not really worthy of the Hermes name.
  11. Sorry for duplicate post -didn't see the earlier one :shrugs: (thanks for posting the link!)
  12. Reading the original article has left a rather bad taste in my mouth. I don't even know who this person is and am wholly unimpressed. What with this utter nonsense of written-permission and wafting an air of importance bordering on self-delusion, I doubt I would want the bag - even if Hermes wanted to give it away to me. Who does the woman think she is?
  13. Here is a pic:


    A shoulder Kelly/ Marc Jacobs combo?
  14. i don't like the style of the bag