New Hermes bag in VOUGE...

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  1. Loooky what I found in the back of July 2006's VOUGE...:graucho: ...I have no Idea what it is, but they do list it in the back " Frontiere PM Travel Bag, $8,900; Hermes boutiques"....Just thought I'd share..

  2. oh thanks for sharing. looks very interesting :flowers:
  3. Thanks Khoi, this bag isn't new, it's been around a few years, if memory serves me correctly.
  4. That looks fabulous:love:
  5. I'm not 100% sure but it looks very similar to the Boston Bag which is roughly W48 x H32 x D32 (cms):smile:
  6.'s really interesting! I've never seen this one before...thanks for posting!!!!
  7. gorgeous bag, love the color!
  8. :graucho: Nice! That is a beautiful color. I love it! :heart:
  9. Okay, I do remember seeing this bag in NYC a few weeks ago.
  10. I just saw this bag yesterday! Although oversized bags are really in at the moment, it definitely looked like a carry-on (but I am petite to begin with so don't quote me on it). I'll take a good look at it the the next few days since I was exhausted from jetlag..:oh:
  11. Twigz, this is a carry-on.
  12. That's a PM? I wonder how large the GM is!
    It's gorgeous though!
  13. Yeah, I thought so. I was so sleepy I didn't even both to ask my SA about it! :P
  14. Thanks for sharing... :smile: It looks awesome... Also.. IMO: The shape reminds me a little of the LV Epi Passy?
  15. I thought of LV too - the side straps remind me of LV Batignolles.

    Love the BJ color against the b/w outfit.
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Not open for further replies.
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