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  1. Hi everyone, im new to this thread...i have seen the dior resort lady dior 2013 bags online recently. they all adorned with beads and all. do anyone know what the price of them bags are? thanks

    also i am looking for a dior lace bag in detective or lady dior version...anyone know where i can get it from and what price it will be for a secondhand bag? thanks
  2. I'm not sure about the prices of the Cruise 2013 Lady Dior bags, but they depend on what the bag is decorated with, as well as the materials.

    As for the lace Detective or Lady Dior bags, those were from Spring 2006 so it will be difficult to get them now. I haven't seen either of them on eBay for ages.
  3. thanks Avergejoe, have you got a guess about the price of the resort 2013 bags if they are made with canvas and beads...i mean the general price range? do you think they are already out in boutiques? i have only seen it for the lace lady dior, i have never seen it on eBay..but saw at a couple of different sites...but by the time i was about to buy it, it was already sold...once seen a lace detective on bonanza 2 years back for 950usd..cudnt get that either!
  4. Cruise 2013 product will only be available starting November.
  5. Thanks Eminere
  6. just wanted to know how many Dior lace nude lady dior bags were produced as a limited edition? just so that i can estimate the chance of getting one. there are 4 digits on the limited edition plate...does that mean they can produce upto 9999 bags in total? also if you see it anywhere in thr whole world ever, please let me also looking for the matching coat , skirt etc...i know its super rare so need your help please. thanks guys for your help.
  7. The 4 digits does not necessarily mean that they produce as many as possible. 1000 pieces sounds a lot more reasonable than 9999. At 9999, it's hardly a limited edition.

    But because the numbered editions do not tell how many were produced in total, then I don't know how many lace Lady Diors were produced.

    Perhaps another PFer may know.
  8. thanks Joe, your help is always appreciaated....please, please let me know if you ever see one anywhere, no matter what the price is...also a matching US size 4 jacket us 6 skirt and shoes aswell
    . i have seen a nude lace matching dior jacket of this lady dior sold for just 200usd on ebay and was too late to bid....thanks for your reply