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  1. Hello ladies-
    Just wanted to say hello, I found this site this week and decided to join in the fun! I really love Coach but am still in the beginning stages of my collection. My first purchase was the Carly medium size bag-its khaki and plum and I love it to death, however have encountered what seems to be a common issue-SERIOUS fraying at the top. Any advice on what to do?

    Also, I am in the market to purchase a new bag, and want a black on black Signature style...I'm currently looking at a Zoe on Ebay. Does anyone have any other advice on styles that are close to the Carly that I might take a look at? Thank you so much, I'm truly looking forward to joining in all the fun and games around here :peace:
  2. Welcome :smile: I'm new too! You should look at Brooke or Maggie. There are tons to choose from. Good luck trying to pick just one! lol
  3. Welcome!!!

    The Carly is a great bag!!! Sorry to hear she is fraying!!!! The Zoe is very nice too!!! There are a lot of cute bags at the outlets! (If you live close to one, check it out!!! )
    Coach is very addicting~~~

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. Not super close to the Carly style, but the Tribeca Tote is one close to my heart and it looks fabulous in black sig!

    Welcome! :balloon::flowers:
  5. Hi there...if you search a little you should come across an older thread that talked about the fraying carly.
  6. Welcome to TPF :smile: ^^ If you do a search, they'll tell you. Apparently, the carly is one bag that they will offer you full credit on if you take it to a FP to get it repaired :smile: Good luck.
  7. awesome. i would hate to give it up, i wonder if they would just repair it???
    also, what is FP?
    I'm checking out Brooke and Maggie right now :smile:
  8. Welcome!!! TPF is so much fun! Do you like the OP ART Signature? I have a black on black Madison Shoulder Bag in that print. It's very pretty and a great medium size bag. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross body (although, I don't wear it crossbody, it's nice to have the option). You mentioned you've been eying the Zoe, that's a great bag, too!
  9. welcome to TPF! FP = Full price (coach store) I am kinda sad you found this site..not only are you gonna become addicted , but you are gonna learn SOOO much!! lol..seriously you will love it! The ladies (and gents) here are super helpful and very nice..
  10. thank you! i feel like an idiot...i just got laughed at in the Authenticate This area LOL! I was looking at something that was a serious fake! well, these are my goals:take my precious Carly to Coach and get my Zoe. Im excited. But does anyone know whether Coach will ask me for the receipt? I got my bag a year ago, and I'm not sure I know where the receipt is???
  11. welcome...i have the black on black sig zoe and i love it..
  12. I took mine back w/o a receipt and they still gave me full credit to get whatever I wanted in store.
  13. ok cool thanks for info. hope it works for me
  14. Sorry to hear about your Carly, evidently this is a pretty common problem with the fraying. Take it to your FP store, they should give you full credit-even without a receipt. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone getting theirs repaired.

    The Zoe is a wonderful bag. I just got my first one, and LOVE it!

    And btw, :welcome2:
  15. If you are considering a Zoe - there are still a ton of them at the outlets. Depending on where in Chicago you are, you could check out the Chicago Premium Outlets (in Aurora) or the Pleasant Prairie, WI outlet. They have great stuff at great prices, and you don't have to worry about getting duped on eBay!