New Here!

  1. Hey all, I just found this site today. I'm most definitely addicted to Coach! :yes: So far I have 4 bags, a wallet and a bathing suit and I want MORE! :nuts:
  2. Welcome!! You gotta show us photos of what you have!! ^_^
  3. Welcome! One thing is for sure, you will definitely be enabled to buy more if you stick around here! :yes:
  4. I'll have to take some pics. The next thing I want is a pair of shoes!
  5. Welcome to tPF!! Brace yourself for collection growth on steroids!!
  6. A bathing suit???? Pics please!
  7. WELCOME!!!! This is a GREAT group of girls and guys to hang out with! Watch your will be getting thinner and thinner over time!!!!!
  8. Welcome! This is a great forum, and you will definitely be spending a lot more after hearing about everyones purchases all the time!
  9. Welcome tpf! What bathing suit do you have? Please post pics.
  10. Welcome! I can hardly wait to see pics of your collection! This is a great place for Coach addicts to enable, uh I mean encourage, one another! LOL!
  11. I would say welcome to the forum, but this place is SO addictive. I catch myself reading threads on my iPhone stopped at a red light :smile:

    Can't wait to see your collection!

  12. are a TRUE ADDICT if you are reading threads on your iphone at a stop light!!!! LOL!!!!:roflmfao:
  13. Can't wait to see pics!

    Haha, that stop light post made me laugh!
  14. Welcome!
  15. :lol::goodpost: