New here!

  1. Hi!

    I just signed up today-I recently got into pruses and handbags and found this forum through craigslist. it looks like you ladies only buy the really good stuff! I can't afford brand new Marc jacobs ($600 and up for a bag? yikes!) and LV, etc. I am starting small with Maxx NY and some used Marc Jacobs-does anyone else here do that? I also buy from eBay if it is someone with very good feedback. I live in NY-the land of replica bags-how do people feel about those? i would think not good-LOL!

    Does anyone here buy the lower end designer bags?

    Alrighty-going to look around now!
  2. We buy everything here, welcome!! Plus, with the great deals the members give when selling their gently used bags you may be surprized at what you can afford, so keep an eye on the marketplace!:lol:
  3. Welcome, Nishi! You'll find everything here. Why buy a replica when you get a real one used for a few bucks more? Glad you're here! :biggrin:
  4. welcome and hope u like it here.. if u r interested in buying bags, the marketplace is a good place to start...
  5. Welcome Nishi!
  6. Welcome! We welcome all types of bags here! And yes, check the Marketplace for good deals on authentic merchandise! Looking forward to more posts and pictures from you!
  7. Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    Well, be careful with ebay because most of the stuff there is fake

    You can also definitely buy purses from people here ;), you can save up, or ask ppl in your family when its ur bday!
  8. Welcome, nishi!

    Hey, if a bag looks stylish, and is of good quality, I don't think it matters if it is a so-called designer brand or not :biggrin:
  9. Hello & welcome to the forum! I'm sure with the help of this forum you'll start buying some high end bags soon enough! I love my LV's but I also love Coach & D&B
  10. Thanks-going to check out the marketplace now!
  11. ^ Oh... marketplace rules say you need a tad more posts that you have now. So just be aware of that :smile: lol
  12. Welcome!
  13. Welcome!

    Dont worry, not everyone here is only into high end designers. I only have a couple bags and theyre all Coach or just some brand name.
  14. Nishi,
    Welcome and definitely don't feel intimidated! As you can see in the marketplace, we get tired of the high end stuff just as easily as the low end stuff! :lol: I probably own just as many "cheapo" no-name bags as I do high end designer bags because I buy solely based on design and quality (yes, you can find pretty decent quality for under $200).
    Plus there's plenty of great bags out there under $200. One of my favorite places to look for bargain, stylish bags is Right now, I'm thinking about getting this super cute bag called the Rio Plata for $178. It comes in blue and cinnamon brown:
    Anthropologie rio plata.jpg
  15. Welcome! You'll love it here!