New here

  1. Hello everyone,

    I thought it was about time I delurked and wave hello. I have been reading for quite some time and would love to join in. I have learned so much from you and I love seeing everyone's collections. You all are making me want the Carly now!

    I finally got some pictures of my collection the other night, I pretty much only collect Coach, just please don't show dh my flickr link, I might not be getting anymore!


  2. Welcome, Gena!! I too want the Carly...:cry: You have some very pretty bags!!
  3. Welcome. :flowers: You have a beautiful collection.
  4. Welcome to the dark side...I mean tPF!! You have a very nice collection as well!!
  5. Welcome to tPF! I lurked for a while too. This is a great group of folks!!

    Beautiful collection! Love the pink pebbled leather carryall!
  6. Welcome!
    Thanks for sharring pics great collection!
  7. Welcome!! What a collection you have. You will notice it grow even more within the next year, so watch out. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Welcome! And love your collection!
  9. Welcome and thanks for sharing your collection. It's gorgeous!!! You have some lovely classic styles and i really love the pink pebbled hamptons bag. Yum!
  10. Cute collection.

    I can predict that your collection will be growing by leaps and bounds SOON!!!!
  11. I love your collection!! Welcome!!
  12. Welcome...your collection is beautiful! I have my eye on that Soho twill striped tote on eBay...I've wanted one forever!

    We're a huge bunch of enablers here. Be very, very afraid.
  13. Great collection! welcome to TPF, be ready to spend!
  14. Wow! Welcome! I feel a Carly in your near future lol!
  15. I love your collection! You have great taste. Welcome to TPF. :smile: