new here

  1. hi!! I found this site today while i was "working".

    i just wanted to introduce myself, i'm heather and obviously i love coach.

    I figured i'd share my latest purchase with you guys too (bought Saturday at the outlet in Lee,MA)

    (i havent taken a picture of it yet, so i had to steal one :smile: )

    My mom also bought me a signature black belt for my birthday. I can't wait to get it! (Only 2 more weeks!)

    yeahhhhh, i'm bored, sorry
  2. Hi Heather, welcome to the boards! :smile:

    Great bag, I love the gallery totes! Nice about the belt too, what a nice gift it will be. Happy early birthday.
  3. Welcome to tPF! Glad to have ya. :yes:
  4. WELCOME!! The gallery tote is a great choice. I am sure the belt will be awesome. :yes:
  5. Congrats! And Welcome! Be warned...this forum is highly addicting!

    I'm celebrating my birthday soon too (the 17th) also with Coach! (The Large Black Patent Leather Ergo Hobo. YUM!)
  6. thanks guys! yeah i can def see how this forum can be addicting.... this might not have been a good choice ;)

    so yeah... i started my coach collection due to a broken heart.. and the idiot has broken my heart so many times i'm up to 5 bags, a wallet, pair of sneakers, and a keychain (everything except 1 bag has been bought since october). i don't know whether to thank him or kill him for my addiction :smile:

    my other bday present is the hamptons leather satchel: (mines white though)
  7. Hi Heather!
    Welcome to TPF!
  8. Welcome Heather! Sorry to hear about your heart breaks...maybe..keep the bag addiction and kick the other...:shrugs:
  9. Get it krispin..I saw it, after a second look today with a scarf on it , it is yummy!!!:yahoo:
  10. Welcome to TPF, heather! This place will only make your Coach addiction worse :graucho:
  11. Welcome, once the guy is gone, you still have the arm candy...and yes it is addicting to be here but a nice addiction and lovely ladies..
  12. Oh it's on it's way! It was ordered yesterday!!! :p:yahoo:
  13. OOooohhh - I love that tote. I was coveting a friend's this weekend - they are so versatile!
  14. Welcome!

    And you will learn fast enough, that the Lee, Mass outlet is well worth however long you have to drive to get there! I've gotten some FABULOUS deals at that store! Clinton is nice...but Lee is worth the drive for Coach!

    (ps - i'm always here while I'm "working" too...heheh)
  15. yeah! It was my first trip to the Lee outlets. I liked it alot better than Clinton. Lee was like an hour and a half from me and Clinton is about an hour, so it wasnt too much of a difference :smile: