New here with question..

  1. I am new here - just found this board - it is AWESOME! It is great to "meet" people who love LV as much as me!!! So now for my question: If you had a few thousand dollars to spend in LV what would you get? I am in love with the LV tulum GM and the monogram groom pochette wallet and the red epi speedy 30. I would also to get the Black MC fringe speedy ( I know most of you think it is hideous LOL). So, what would your picks be?
  2. if i got enough me then i'll get anything i want :Push: :Push:

    can we ever got enough LV? :graucho:
  3. Congrats and welcome! I've got the red groom wallet and it is one of my favorite pieces! I personally really don't dig the fringe line but I like the tulum and the red speedy. Can't wait to see what you get. And again Welcome! :party:
  4. vienna mizi, mono klara, some awesome bags that I want to adopt from "friends" ;)
  5. so hard to choose!

    But right now as of this moment, if I had a couple thousand to spend, I'd get a Suhali Lockit in black, a groom wallet, and the Tikal GM.
  6. I can't even remember what I answered to this same question when previously asked, but right now, I'd liek to get a Damier Pagase 60, Black/Gold Le Fab, Black Epi Passy, SO Damier Pullman, Elektra Sandals, Denim Mules, Damier Azur Cabas Plage, Orange Suede Onatah, and that little Satin clutch LV just made. back to reality. I know I am getting the Passy and the Denim Mules before the year end ;)
  7. Love the Tulum GM!!! Definitely include that in your splurge....very versatile as you can wear it across your body or shorten the straps and wear it as a hobo! Welcome to the Purse Forum!!! :smile:
  8. I love the Tulum GM. I own one. There is a pic of my carrying it in the Visual Aids thread. I don't use it as a messenger. I use it more as a shoulder bag.
  9. You have to get the LV basics! Batignolles Horizontal, Damier Speedy 30, Monogram Porte Tressor Wallet, that would be about $2K. If you have another $1K to spend I would get an Epi Speedy. Then you have a nice little well rounded collection!
  10. I highly recommend the Tulum GM, awesome bag.

    And hey, I like the fringe, especially in black!
  11. Jo-Jo's right, it

    Depends on the mood. Right now I am dreaming of a suhali lockit PM, in black. :love:
  12. if i have a few thousand dollars to spend i would get:
    - black epi passy
    - damier 4-key holder
    - 1 wallet
    - monogram shawl in blue
    - LV knee-high riding boots (i don't know the name but it's the one with a gold LV flower on top)
  13. Well, the purse I want is a MC Petit Noe. I probably won't quit talking about this until I actually get one :angel: :lol:
    Its so beautiful. And welcome!! Let me know what you go for.
    I was curious, what LV do you have now? I know its a personal question, but maybe you already have the MC Petit Noe. ;)
  14. wow, how i wish i had a couple thousand dollars to spend on LV right now...
    definitely get the tulum GM if u want it!! plus all that you want!

    for me i'd get an SO damier trouville, damier papillon 26, damier saleya MM, damier portefeuille, red/cream CB papillon and matching cles, and an MC bag (not sure yet)
  15. for this moment i wanna get....

    damier papillon 26, pochette cancun, musette tango, manhattan pM and recital.