New here - Weird question about Kooba

  1. Hi everyone - I'm new and I figured I would ask the experts my question. I just bought my first Kooba(Sloane) yesterday and was wondering how you pronounce the name. I don't want to embarrass myself if someone asks about it.

  2. Hi Carolyn...welcome! Since Kooba handbags are almost always ladies names...think of that in pronunciation...I have always heard it Sloan (drop off the E) Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you for the help. I might have worded my question wrong. How to you pronounce Kooba? I tried searching online, but came up with nothing.

    I'm new to Kooba and I don't think I know anyone who owns one.
  4. Seriously? It's Kuu BAH.
  5. Yeah. Seriously. I can't tell you how many times someone has mispronounced my FIRST and last name and it might be a little embarrassing when I have to correct them. Some things aren't pronounced like you would think.
  6. That's okay, no one gets my first and middle names either - Joelle Chiara.
    I KNOW everyone's misprouncing "Chiara" especially since it's a Kooba bag that they made...
    How many people do you think are pronouncing it "CHEE ara? Or "CH-EYE ARA? Boo......:tdown:

  7. 'Sloane' if I had a pound for every tourist that has asked me how to get to 'slo-anne' square.....
    And the classic 'Lei-cester'....:lol:

    Not to point the finger, but its usually americans..:p

    Anyway, back to the topic...
  8. I have this right? I always pronounced it
    Key-Are-Ah Correct?
  9. Well Thank God for you sweet Lexie! :tup: Yes - it's "key are uh." Yay!!! :yahoo: (and just so ya know for just old times sake - Joelle is like Michelle, Rochelle - you know - Jo - ELLE.:heart::heart:(so many people say Jo-lee, or Jo el eee).....
  10. Uh...the reason I know this so well was there is this show on TV that me and Hubby are big fans of called Big Brother, and a couple of seasons back there was this girl on there named Chiara. She was a real foul mouthed peace of work....LOL Unlike our Sweet Jo-ellie CheeChee Aria.
  11. Chiara is Italian, right? I have no idea where I first heard the name, but I've always liked it. I would have never thought that the name "Joelle" would be so confusing for some to pronounce though.
  12. Oh no! Not @$@#$ng me!! I'm a real sweet #@#ng angel!!! :shocked::blush::happydance::amazed::angel:
  13. I think Sloane is spelled the way you say "own" - except with an SL in front. ;)
  14. Oh my God, Lexie...don't even start with BB! I am a BB junkie! That season was outrageous with Chiara and Roddy the cult leader... and Gerry who never washed his hands after using the bathroom and then would cook. Blech! :p

    Halzer: Oh my gosh...I am embarrassed on behalf of the tourists saying "slo-anne". Leicester I can understand them mispronouncing, but Sloane? On behalf of all future tourist that you run into....Sorry. LOL!
  15. That's funny!!! I never even have heard of "slow anne!" Hahaha....
    I have a friend of a friend of a friend, whatever, who's daughter got pregnant and wasn't very bright. Do you know what she named her? "Cheyenne" but do you know how SHE spelled it????? "ShyAnne"..